Greek Life

Greek Life


Do you remember the mad dash across campus, up Cardiac Hill, and through the Coates Student Center plaza to the fountain? Eclectic outfits, personalized jerseys handed down across generations, and contagious laughter are all part of the experience. 


About a quarter of Trinity students participate in Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) - through seven sororities and seven fraternities. Your support for FSL at Trinity creates purposeful and value-driven experiences for students as they build lifelong bonds, support networks, and longstanding traditions of service and fellowship, all built around four pillars:


1.) Scholarship, 2.) Service, 3.) Leadership, and 4.) Camaraderie. Each member of the FSL community is expected to live out these pillars day in and day out.


Our challenge: to strengthen our community of service and fellowship.



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