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Better TUgether

Better TUgether

It all starts on Bid Day with a photo and a dip in the fountain. It lasts a LIFETIME.

Joining a fraternity/sorority at Trinity means finding your home away from home on campus and establishing a network of friends to support you for decades to come. 


More than 650 Trinity students participate in Greek Life- through seven local sororities and seven local fraternities. Your support creates purposeful and value-driven experiences for students as they build lifelong bonds and longstanding traditions of service and fellowship, all built around the five pillars of Greek Life:  Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Camaraderie & Inclusion.

There are two important ways that you can support Trinity Greek Life students:


Greek Council is committed to making Greek Life accessible to all students regardless of financial need through the Dues Waiver Program. Through the Dues Waiver Program, Pell Grant-eligible students have 75-100% of their dues covered. Your support ensures that participation in Greek Life is open to students from all backgrounds. The need for dues waivers has never been greater. Currently 15% of Greek Life students are Pell Grant-eligible. 46 students applied for a waiver this Spring Semester alone and that is before the new members apply.


Every active fraternity and sorority on campus has an established scholarship fund at Trinity. Your gift will support a need based scholarship for a current member of your club. Your gift goes directly to a younger brother or sister.  Any active member in good standing with their club and with any level of demonstrated financial need is eligible to apply. 

Most Donors
Here's something to brag about- The fraternity or sorority with the most UNIQUE DONORS will win the honor of having Lee Roy the Tiger wear their JERSEY during Greek Olympics this Spring. Lee Roy does play favorites.
What club do you represent?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Spurs Sorority 118
2 Gamma Chi Delta Sorority 70
3 Zeta Chi Sorority 61
4 Alpha Chi Lambda Sorority 46
5 Kappa Kappa Delta Fraternity 21
6 Phi Delta Kappa Sorority 21
7 Sigma Theta Tau Sorority 18
8 Triniteer Fraternity 16
9 Chi Beta Epsilon Sorority 13
10 Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity 9
11 Iota Chi Rho Fraternity 9
12 Chi Delta Tau Fraternity 8
13 Bengal Lancers Fraternity 7
14 Omega Phi Fraternity 7
15 Alpha Psi Omega Alumni 4
Most Dollars
SHOW ME THE MONEY. The fraternity or sorority that raises the most money will have their Greek Council Recruitment funds DOUBLED from Student Involvement in Fall 2023.
What club do you represent?
Rank Answer Amount
1 Spurs Sorority $9,302.33
2 Gamma Chi Delta Sorority $5,515.00
3 Kappa Kappa Delta Fraternity $2,725.00
4 Zeta Chi Sorority $2,620.00
5 Alpha Chi Lambda Sorority $2,395.99
6 Chi Beta Epsilon Sorority $2,190.00
7 Triniteer Fraternity $1,619.85
8 Sigma Theta Tau Sorority $1,410.00
9 Bengal Lancers Fraternity $1,300.00
10 Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity $1,140.00
11 Chi Delta Tau Fraternity $985.00
12 Phi Delta Kappa Sorority $650.00
13 Omega Phi Fraternity $470.00
14 Alpha Psi Omega Alumni $419.00
15 Iota Chi Rho Fraternity $370.00
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