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Other Campus Areas

Other Campus Areas


Trinity's campus programming is expansive, with resources to support 2,600 students and the faculty and staff that help shape them into leaders. Other areas where you can designate your gift include:


  • Elizabeth Huth Coates Library
  • Margarite B. Parker Chapel
  • McNairs Scholars Program
  • Residence Hall Programming
  • Upward Bound Program
  • Urban Studies Initiative
UPDATE!! Greek Life Giving Challenge - Dollars Raised
Steve Mach '92 (and Chi Delt) will give $2,000 to the first and second place Greek Group for a total of $4000. The Greek Group gets to designate the $2000 gift anywhere on campus, including their own scholarship!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Greek Alumni- You loved being in a Greek organization but you loved playing sports too and you still have coffee with your faculty adviser. Maybe you were also an editor for the Trinitonian or a member of TUVAC. The Greek Life Giving Challenge honors all of your areas of interest. The club that generates the most dollars across all areas will earn a Taco Tuesday with LeeRoy for their active organization.
Were you a member of a Trinity fraternity or sorority? Let us know which one!
Rank Answer Amount
1 Chi Delta Tau Fraternity $35,596.00
2 Sigma Theta Tau Sorority $21,196.21
3 Triniteer Fraternity $19,554.69
4 Spurs Sorority $18,265.00
5 Gamma Chi Delta Sorority $13,844.00
6 Bengal Lancers Fraternity $10,600.00
7 Omega Phi Fraternity $7,373.00
8 Chi Beta Epsilon Sorority $6,540.00
9 Zeta Chi Sorority $4,444.89
10 Alpha Psi Omega Fraternity $3,061.90
11 Kappa Kappa Delta Fraternity $2,487.00
12 Iota Chi Rho Fraternity $1,030.00
13 Alpha Chi Lambda Sorority $880.00
14 Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity $855.00
15 Phi Delta Kappa Sorority $645.00
Sweetheart Challenge
If we get 300 alumni who are married to an alum, we will unlock an additional $10,000 from anonymous Trinity sweethearts.
300 / 300 Gifts
Don Kurtti, ‘80 will give Trinity an additional $4,000 if we can reach 310 gifts!
310 / 310 Gifts
1869 Challenge
Once we reach 3,100 gifts, Trinity University will receive $47,500 from a group of anonymous donors.
3,100 / 3,100 Gifts
Trinity Necessity Fund
The Trinity Necessity Fund assists students to acquire basic necessities prior to stepping on campus, like sheets and towels, school supplies, and other personal items. This Fund will be matched dollar for dollar up to $3,590.
$3,590 / $3,590 Raised
Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund
Thanks to John Sikora, Jr. ‘88, gifts made to the Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000! The Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund, named in honor of Chaplain Emeritus Rev. Raymond Judd ’56, will be used to help students who are challenged to afford and access necessary resources for remote learning, housing, transportation, basic needs or who will face other unforeseen personal difficulties. 100% of these funds will be available to our students to support them to graduation or the next step in their journey.
$10,000 MATCHED
Diversity and Inclusion Challenge
Dollar for dollar match (up to $2,000) for gifts to the Trinity University Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO). The mission of DIO is to provide programs and services that enhance the retention, persistence, academic, and career success of underrepresented and historically marginalized student populations.
$2,000 MATCHED
Legacy Challenge
Matt Clark '92, P'22 and Margery Arnold '90, P’22 challenge all Legacy Families to make a gift to a fund of their choice. Once Legacy gifts reach $10,000, an additional $10,000 will be unlocked for Trinity students. Are you a Legacy? If you and your parent or grandparent graduated from Trinity, you are a Legacy. If you graduated from Trinity and your child(ren) did too, you are a Legacy. If you and a sibling graduated from here, you are a Legacy. Show us your #TigerPride because you are a #TULegacyFam!
$10,000 / $10,000 Raised
Reunion Class Challenge
Hey 0s/5s classes! Show us your class spirit. Make a gift to help your class win the Reunion Class Challenge. The class with the most number of gifts at the end of the 1869 Challenge will get a special prize sent to all class members in October.
Are you celebrating a reunion?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2015 64
2 1995 52
3 1985 28
4 1990 27
5 2005 26
6 2000 25
7 2010 24
8 1970 18
9 1980 14
10 1975 10
Greek Life Giving Challenge - Gifts
Hey Greek Alumni- Who is in the mood for some friendly competition? The Greek Life Giving Challenge is back and now is OUR TIME to support our organizations. Make a Trinity education possible for our brothers and sisters and earn prizes along the way. Your gifts go directly back to Greek Life. The club that generates the most gifts will earn the honor of having LeeRoy the Tiger don the winning club jersey and appear in a recruitment video this Fall.
Were you a member of a Trinity fraternity or sorority? Let us know which one!
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Triniteer Fraternity 226
2 Gamma Chi Delta Sorority 138
3 Spurs Sorority 126
4 Zeta Chi Sorority 115
5 Sigma Theta Tau Sorority 110
6 Chi Beta Epsilon Sorority 81
7 Bengal Lancers Fraternity 67
8 Chi Delta Tau Fraternity 44
9 Omega Phi Fraternity 41
10 Kappa Kappa Delta Fraternity 35
11 Alpha Chi Lambda Sorority 23
12 Phi Delta Kappa Sorority 19
13 Alpha Psi Omega Fraternity 12
14 Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity 8
15 Iota Chi Rho Fraternity 7
NEW Parent Challenge!
Trinity Parents are always up for a challenge! When we get 150 new parent donors Don Kurtti ‘80, Chris and Rachel Miller P’20, P’22, Alex and Kim Motola P'22 will donate $5,750 for our students!
150 / 150 Gifts
Parent Challenge
Our Trinity University Parent Council executive board challenges parents to make a gift to the fund of their choice during 1869. If we reach 150 gifts the board will unlock $10,000 towards University funds.
150 / 150 Gifts
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