Our celebration of Trinity's birthday is over, but you can still make your gift in support of students at www.trinity.edu/give
Trinity's Birthday 2021

Celebrate the Journey

Trinity celebrates its birthday on April 20, the date the University was officially founded in 1869.

And while the past year has been a wild ride for our entire community, we’re seeing a bigger story develop.

For more than 150 years, Trinity has been on an incredible journey of discovery, tenacity, and excellence, and working together, we’ve overcome our share of obstacles. Now, we’re uniting as One Trinity to show our students, who are persevering through a tough year, that we’re all along for the ride with them.

Where do I fit in?

To celebrate this milestone, we’re calling on alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, families and friends - Trinity’s entire community - to unite and support current students by giving to areas of critical impact between the dates of April 2 - 20.

Your gift can support scholarships, a variety of funds that help fund meals, clothes, necessities, and address any number of emergency needs. 



Rank State Gifts
1 TX 50
2 HI 2
2 NC 2
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